Need some help here! NWI Media is trying to create multiple videos to thank first responders / essential employees and our healthcare heroes!

Maybe you or people you know could shoot a quick video or photo on your phone saying “thank you / sharing some positive news / holding a sign that says thank you / we are praying for you / region strong / alone together / we love you “

We are hoping to edit these videos and have 15-20 videos that are 45 seconds to 120 seconds long (8-15 clips) and we are going to use Facebook and Instagram to share these videos. The more submissions the better! 

If we can help any small businesses with help staying in business or strategy / content creation to adapt please let us know! Nick Feliciano – Northwest Indiana Media and Marketing Owner


Step 1: Record video or take photo with your phone
Step 2: Click the link texted to you and tap upload
Step 3: Submit media


Attention: Region Small Business Owners

With Covid - 19 causing small business owners to scrabble to try and adapt, strategize and stay in front of their clients we understand that it is causing many issues across the region. We are offering small businesses free services in the form of strategy advice, social media content plans, graphic design, web service troubleshooting, content creation, video editing and a wide variety of other services we provide. We are in all of this together. We are here to help. Please reach out and we will get through this. Sincerely Nick Feliciano / Owner