Who is NWI Media


NWI Media was started from our view of the local need for an updated media company that specialized in social media. We started solely as a marketing company for a local investment company and after seeing our content pushing system work to grow that company not only in private funding but in brand awareness we decided to offer the knowledge and systems we use to other companies here locally that may be struggling for a variance of reasons.


With over 78% of Americans having a social media profile these days, it is the best time to start using social media as a daily tool to reach your audience. From content that provides value to pieces that can document your systems and processes, social media can help you not only capture leads but convert them in real customers. From the content to the creative we can help increase your social media presence.


78 percent of U.S. Americans have a social media profile


22 percent of U.S. Americans don’t have a social media profile

Always looking to give back

We are always looking to find ways to give back to our local community. This can be a variety of different ideas and ways. From video interview for non profit to church videos the options are endless. We here at NWI Media have been gracious to have people invest time in our lives and we are blessed to be here together. That being said if there is a way we can continue to give some of our time to help others in need or non-profits through using out media and marketing talents please contact us.